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Is your check engine light on? Don't Panic!
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Fred Beans Family of Dealerships is proud to announce the all-new FREE OF CHARGE Check Engine Light Diagnosis! You know and trust Fred Beans because we've offered the same reliable service for over 50 years. Well, we're making things even easier for our customers and their vehicles!

Get a Free Check Engine Light Diagnosis from Our Fred Beans Service Center

A sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach--it's the universal response to seeing your Check Engine Light flash on when behind the wheel. And while we can certainly understand the anxious feeling you get--after all, who knows what it could mean--our Fred Beans Kia of Flemington team is here to offer a solution. Don't panic, just make your way to one of our service centers, and allow our team of experts to diagnose the issue free of charge!

The main reason Flemington, NJ drivers tend to get frantic when their Check Engine Light clicks on is because the indicator really raises more questions than it does offer us answers. The light is a part of your vehicle's onboard diagnostic system, designed to control and monitor your car's performance. And while exactly what an automobile's OBD system looks for varies based upon the make, model, and year of the vehicle in question, we've compiled a list of a few of the most common offenders.

  • You may need to replace you car's oxygen sensors.
  • You may be due to replace your catalytic converters.
  • Perhaps you need to replace your ignition coils and/or spark plugs.
  • A malfunctioning mass air flow sensor could trigger the alert.
  • Our personal favorite, and the most inexpensive fix: check your fuel cap! If your fuel cap is damaged, missing, or even just loose, your car's check engine light could be activated.

In closing, while seeing that your Check Engine Light has been prompted does not mean you need to pull over immediately, call for a tow truck, or start looking for a new car, it does mean you should definitely have your vehicle looked at as soon as possible. And with our Fred Beans complimentary Check Engine Light Diagnosis, there's no reason to delay--come by today!


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