Car Buying Process

Step 1 - Find A Reputable Local Dealership
  • Finding a trustworthy dealership is a very hard thing to come by these days! Here at Fred Beans Kia of Flemington we strive to bring a relaxed and comfortable car buying experience to each and every customer! Our dealership is committed to bring our Community closer and getting you into your next Kia vehicle!

Step 2- Research
  • Coming prepared to the dealership is the best things you can do to make the car buying process as easy as possible. When customers come into the car dealership and know the exact make and model they want the process becomes that much more simple. If you are not sure what make or model you would like, feel free to check out Fred Beans Kia of Flemington's Resources:
  • New Kia Inventory
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Inventory 

Step 3- Look For Incentives
  • Most car dealerships will have a ton of incentives that they will advertise but will only reluctantly reveal to you at the beginning of the car buying process. Here at Fred Beans Kia of Flemington we believe that giving our customers all the options and incentives will let them feel more comfortable while purchasing from us. We constantly promote our sales and print ads on our websites and social media channels.
  • New Kia New Specials Page
  • Pre-Owned Inventory Specials Page

Step 4- Get Familiar With Auto Financing
  • Vehicle financing can be very complicated for even the veteran car buyer. All the fine print and red tape at most dealerships can make anyone go crazy! That's why Fred Beans Kia of Flemington Finance Department is trained to walk you through each and every option available to you. You will be surprised at how much we can save you on your next vehicle!
  • Fred Beans Kia of Flemington Finance Department 

Step 5- Get To Know Your Sales Representative
  • Creating a connection with your Sales Rep at the dealership can make the car buying process very enjoyable. We have heard war stories of Salesmen not being so sensitive to consumer needs and wants! Here at Fred Beans Kia of Flemington our sales staff is trained, friendly and very understanding of the car buying process. Feel free to come in introduce yourself and form a bond with our sales staff. They will tell you about new models coming out or even new incentives!
  • Meet Fred Beans Kia of Flemington Sales Staff